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" Gourmet Garlic "

    What is the difference between gourmet garlic and the garlic I buy at the store ?

Gourmet garlic is not a marketing gimmick if grown and cultivated in the proper fashion. To be a gourmet garlic grower you need to start with exceptional planting stock. Each clove selected for planting should be plump, firm and above all, healthy. Generations of cultivars have produced thriving garlic plants whose taste and flavor is stronger, richer and more complex than the bleached, irradiated garlic you buy at the supermarket. The soil we grow our garlic in is healthy and free of pesticides and herbicides. We strive for a permaculture style of growing for all our produce and herbs by stacking the soil from year to year. Most all of our planting and harvesting is done by hand. This cuts down on clove damage and gives the garlic more room to grow. Our garlic is also naturally grown without the use of herbicides, pesticides or commercial fertilizers. This means, hand weeding, and a lot of it.  Garlic does not like to compete with the weeds. When its time to harvest, that's done by hand too. We cull out the bad and sort the rest. We clean by hand and hang to dry before cutting the tops and putting in storage. The garlic needs to be in a cool dark place before selling or shipping. If all of this is not enough to justify calling our garlic  "gourmet,"  then consider the aroma, which is so much more pungent and how the aftertaste lingers longer on the tongue and how the texture is firmer, plumper and juicier.  With gourmet garlic you have a choice of flavor. You can select garlic that is sweet, creamy and mild or hot and spicy enough to bring tears to your eyes. And yes, gourmet garlic cost more than the supermarket garlic. But always keep in mind what we are doing for you, the consumer. We could grow garlic like the big mass producing farms, growing it faster and using chemicals to cut down on weeds and pests, but we don't.  Knowing all this, don't you think its worth it ?

What's is the difference between"gourmet garlic" and garlic I buy at the store ? Heritage, labor, chemical free, love of growing and last but not least, TASTE. Try our naturally grown gourmet garlic, and see for yourself.